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Discover the chromatic palette of the great painters

In front of a painting, have you ever wondered about the painter's palette ?
Among all the possible colors, which are present in the painting ?
In what proportions ?
If so, this site is for you. You will develop another look at the works of art.

Here is an example : picture of a Corean palace.

© 2020 - Maxence Huet

The construction presents a wide range of bright colors and the sky offers beautiful shades.

Artists have known for a long time that all colors can be produced by assembling 3 basic colors in the right proportions, and that their saturation and intensity can be modified by adding white and black.
Newton, and others, formalized this knowledge by arranging the colors on a so-called color circle.

A computer program has placed the colors of this picture on the color circle. The number of picto illustrates the extent of the color palette.

Gyeongbokgung palette

The orange and bluish tones respond to each other : they are "complementary" colors. They contribute to the harmony of the picture. The number of picto represents the degree of complementarity of the colors.

This program analyzed the paintings of different artists. Click on Periods and Artists to consult these analyzes. The starting picture (usually from Wikimedia Commons) can be obtained with a single click.
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Examples of interpretation are published here (FR).

The works of young (and not so young) painters and photographers have been analyzed and are published in the Talents section.
Artists, do not hesitate to use this free service !

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The designer of the program and of the site hopes that you will take the same pleasure in this particular vision of pictorial art.

Alain Huet

Alain Huet